Together 10ever - Clazinha

16 måneder siden

Clazinha is from Brazil but currently is attending a university in Florida. She discovered Paperdoll Heaven in 2005 and was one of the first people to sign up as a member from her country.


Stardoll has changed a lot in 11 years. The website became Stardoll a few months after I became a member. There was only one room, a small space for your clothes in a closet and a place to put a bed or sofa. There were few clothes and few options for hair and facial features, and no makeup. Most of my time was spent dressing celebrity dolls.

Stardoll now has all the tools for me to imagine a world and create it. I can personalize pretty much everything. I love to create places where I would like to live. I miss the “old times” when Stardoll was smaller, when we all met each other. But I love all the improvements.

Stardoll helped me discover myself - what I like, who I wanted to be. I found that being imaginative is cool. I made amazing friends and met super nice people of different backgrounds and ages.

Now I’m an adult I still find fun and joy here. I celebrated a lot of nice moments and special occasions with my friends and the community. I feel it has helped me be a better person. When I need to connect with my girly or imaginative self I will always have Stardoll.