The Trend: Scarves

16 måneder siden

Hi dollies!


Today's trend is all about scarves - the quintisential winter accessory. Some of you may think that scarves aren't really a trend, however all the girls and boys where I live, love wearing scarves.


You can see on the runway for this year, scarves have been on there, not necessarily the focus, but they are there!


Not only does it keep your neck warm; it can add style to your look and an extra depth. Here I have 3 different scarves:


This is a scarf that you get given when you pass another level - so if you don't have it yet, you will! I love this scarf, it is similar to one I own in real life and I love how big it is. It is practical for the cold months and the neutral colours make it easy to style.


This is a scarf from an old Callie's Picks, you can find it in the starbazzar and it is a starcoin item - so quite cheap. I like this scarf because it's simple and elegant, you could style it with plain clothes or patterned!

 I love this scarf from because it's so vibrant and bright, it doesn't deserve to be an accessory. It deserves to be a statement on its own. You could easily pair this with lots of colours to make it stand out.


Do you like scarves?


Starlight x