I made it!

16 måneder siden




Hello mates!

This is a very special post to me, and I honestly, never even thought I'd manage to get this far. After a very long journey, filled with obstacles and negative thoughts, but also progressive work, I finally got the one message that I thought I'd never get; I got accepted as a Star Blogger. I am, proudly, the newest addition to the amazing team of writers and for many of you, I am unknown. The girl behind Oolol.Stardoll is one of the many women out there, with big dreams and a love for fashion. My name is Lia, and I am one of the oldest ones out here, at the age of [almost] 25.


I work as a Civil Engineer and lately I managed to open my own engineering company here in the United States. It is a hard job, but I think it's worth every second and every penny I've spent to get this degree. Although my free time is reduced these past months, I enjoy coming on here, blogging, shopping and listening to music, with The Weeknd being my favorite singer. I also enjoy drawing, but since black is my favorite color, I always end up messing up the paper.


I have loved fashion since I was a little girl, with a big heart and a passion for clothing. I'd get excited before going shopping and I would always spend lots of time in front of a mirror while adding and removing details to my outfit or make-up.


There's so much more I can talk about me and my personality, but I hope you can get to know me better throughout my Star Blogging experience.


xo, Lia.