Easter Surprise Recap!

37 måneder siden

Did you dolls like the Easter Surprise campaign? We had a super fun Easter egg hunt where we could find four items of clothing - at the time I'm writing this post, I've only found the first three, but with how much I like them, I'm sure the fourth will be stunning!

The Gifts
A jacket, shoes, a bag, and that mysterious fourth gift (a spring dress is my prediction)- we were lucky enough to get four awesome free gifts with this campaign! If you topped up your Stardollars or Superstar, you were treated to a fifth item- a cute posed dress that came in three skin colours! Try using the ones that don't fit your own skin tone on a Pal. You might find the perfect fit!

The Contests
We had two spring/Easter contests on Stardoll - an Easter egg design contest, and a flower bouquet creation contest! I loved both of these contests, as they were just so creative. Did you join in with either of them? What did you design on your egg, or how did you craft your bouquet?

Social Media
The Easter Surprise campaign wasn't just on Stardoll either! The hashtag #StardollEaster2016 was used across social media to bring dolls together in celebration. We also had the Social Spring contest on Instagram where dolls put together styles with the free Easter Surprise items - exciting! Did you enter or use the hashtag?

Did you like the Easter Surprise campaign?