Showing your Friendship

38 måneder siden

Friendship is one of the best free gifts, a true friend will give you happiness and you'll want to hang out with them a lot! Here are some fun ways to show your friendship to your friends:

* Go out - I love going out with my friends to town, it's a great way to spend the time and we get some fresh air too. The first time I made my current friends we went out to town almost instantly, friendship was sealed.

Compliment - make sure you're genuine with these though. Compliment something they've done, whether it's an outfit or their work. Compliments are always lovely to receive and great to give too.

Gifts - by that I don't mean giving out gifts every day, that can seem like you're trying to buy their friendship. By that I mean, if you've baked something nice, why not share it with your friends? It'll be a tasty treat!

Help - if they've got trouble with their homework, why not help them if you know how? Helping people is such a good thing to do and it shows how good of a person you are.

I hope you like these tips :)

See you next post

~S xo