How Far We've Come

47 måneder siden

Hi dolls.

Like many of you, I have been a member of Stardoll for a few years now. I'm just coming up to my 4th. Over the years my style has changed drastically. I've learned how to dress my doll in styles that work and apply makeup much better. I'm sure for many of you this is the same as well.

Here a few phases I have gone through, that some of you may have also gone through. These are some stylings of my doll from way back when.

Over accessorising. I am Guilty of this. Items may look good as single pieces, but pairing all of them together can be disastrous. It can cause the outfit to clash and not in a good way.

Here are some cleaner looks.

As you can see. I have kept the accessories to a minimum and the makup has been kept in a similar style to the look created. Going bold is good, but remember it has to be flattering on your doll also. 

Hope this post helps any of you going though some style changes. 

~ Casey, x



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