Favourite Coloured Hair Dyes

47 måneder siden

At the moment, on my doll, I'm sporting some blue-green hair, which I'm loving. Coloured hair is clearly much easier to have on Stardoll than in real life, so I thought I'd show you my favourite hair dyes in Starplaza:

#1 - Gras Green

Green is my favourite colour, but I don't think it looks too good on me as a hair colour. This falls between the perfect shade of blue and green.

#2 - Summer Orange

This is still coloured, but is more subtle as it's paler.

#3 - Thought Process

I love this as I don't really like pink hair dye very much, but this is more muted yet still coloured.

So, what's your favourite coloured hair dye?

See you next post! :)

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