Are You Ready For Summer?

47 måneder siden

Summer is quickly approaching for a lot of us, and hot weather means there are a lot of things we have to prepare for!  Here's your simple guide to help kick off the summer early.

1.  Summer wardrobe!
It's time to break out all your favourite outfits that help you beat the heat!  The biggest trends predicted for this season are hippy and vintage, so try on some funky designs and chilled out maxi skirts.

2.  Prepare to cool down!
I always overheat in the summer, and one of my favourite ways to cool down is with homemade popsicles!  You can easily make these by pouring fruit juice into moulds, adding some fresh fruit, and popping them in the freezer.

3.  Detox your mind!
Summer is a time to relax with friends and enoy yourself, but we often see messages that tell us we should "slim down for summer" or get a "bikini body".  Believe it or not, these messages are designed to make us feel bad about ourselves!  Try focusing on your health by feeding your body well and reminding yourself that you're beautiful now- beauty has no size, and a bikini body is just a bikini with someone's body in it!

How do you prepare for summer?


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