Makeup Inspired by Estée Lauder

49 måneder siden

The new Estée Lauder model Kendall Jenner is so beautiful! I decided to replicate it in here on stardoll because I love it so much. The look I am creating is from an editorial photo shoot that Estée Lauder did with Kendall.

In the photograph that I have, Kendall's skin looks quite pale- this is probably because it is for an autumn/winter collection. 

I firstly used a dark brown eyeshadow all over the eye, and a small amount of a lighter beige colour in the center of the eyelid. I then applied liquid and kohl eyeliner. It is possible that Kendall was only wearing kohl eyeliner in the photoshoot, but I wanted the eyeliner to make an impact on my doll. I then applied a little blusher to the cheeks to warm the face up. Kendall didn't appear to have much, so I kept this very subtle, I then finished off the look with a peachy lipstick and black mascara. If you want a more accurate version of this look, you could also add lipgloss, but I chose not do this due to personal preferences.

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