Spring/Summer Lookbook

60 måneder siden

Hi everyone! Today I am going to be sharing my Spring/Summer lookbook with you. Some of the items featured may not be avaliable in Starplaza but I will add them in with the prices I got them at.


Outfit 1

Bonjour Bizou - Merman Coat - 9SD

It Girls - Flower Cascade Shorts - 90sc

Basics - White Elegant top - 45sc

Voile - Nude Ballet Flats - 69sc

Pretty`n`Love - Rose Headpiece - 3SD


Outfit 2

It girls - See through blouse - 115sc

Wild Candy - Peach Sorbet dress - 146sc

Bonjor Bizou - Day Lily Shoes - 56sc



Outfit 3

Decades - White Daisy Blouse - 89sc

Original Future - Multicolor Zigzag Skirt - 86sc

Voile - Sharp Bracelet - 20sc

Stardoll Accademy - 7inch heels - 0sc

Outfit 4

Bonjour Bizou - Saphire Sea Blouse - 50sc

Basics - White Lace Dress - 58sc

Riviera - Atlantica Cork Wedges - 6SD


I hope that these four outfits have inspired you. I really like the brights and pastels of spring and summer. These are my favourite seasons for fashion! I hope you have had a happy easter,


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