April 2011

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    It’s not exactly a trade secret that success in the music industry is one part talent, many parts stage presence. To that eye-catching effect, our favorite performers have turned transformation into an art, keeping their fans guessing about their next single, but also about what they’ll wear next. While some take this from the envelope-pushing to the shocking (with Lady Gaga and her motorcycle-woman Born This Way cover in a category all of their own), all of these artists have challenged our senses in more ways than one.
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    Another weekend, another rumor! The latest news from the UK regarding Kate Middleton‘s wedding dress centers around Sophie Cranston, Libélula’s designer. Cranston, who’s arguably the least known of all the designers now floating in the rumor pool, has worked at both Alexander McQueen and Temperley. She won the Designer of the Year Award at London’s Graduate Fashion Week in 1999 and eventually took her label’s name from the Spanish word for dragonfly. Though she’s relatively unknown in the States, her designs have popped up on Emma Watson and Jerry Hall—we couldn’t really imagine two different celebs—Middleton wore a black Libélula coat to a friend’s wedding earlier this year. The news was broken by Yvonne Yorke, the Huffington Post’s Royal Correspondent who says she’s known about Cranston for four months and predicts “another Jason Wu moment.” We still think the three-dress rumor rings true—but the anonymity of Cranston would balance out Sarah Burton and Bruce Oldfield quite well.
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    Topshop is taking over, one designer at a time. The latest hot creator to add their name to the collaboration ranks is Pamela Love, CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist and the jewelry world’s resident tough girl. Priced approximately between $70-$170, the accessories line will launch in the United States on May 26. From recently released images, it looks like the queen of talons and daggers stayed true to her dark, edgy aesthetic. Drawing from themes such as Dreamcatcher, Hearts & Arrows, Frozen Links and Chain & Stud, the sets of earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces show a 1970′s gypsy rockers influence, with a dash of biker, refinement and Aztec thrown in for good measure.
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    We’ve recently been graced with a gift from across the pond: a sharp-witted soul-slash-pop-slash-R&B singer songwriter with an infectious energy and lyrics to give Lily Allen a run for her money. Jessie J just released her debut album Who You Are last week, but she comes well equipped with an exceptional voice and the right six-inch heels to command the stage. Not to mention a penchant for writing the catchiest of songs: if you haven’t had her new single ‘Price Tag’ stuck in your head yet (it’s only a matter of time), you’ve at least had the urge to belt out Miley Cryus’ chart-topping hit ‘Party in the USA,’ which was penned by the same hand. Hailing from Essex, the 23-year old is already a household name in the UK, having been named BBC Sound of 2011 and Critic’s Choice at the Brit Awards. And as if she needed any more cred, she was a student at the BRIT school, which has produced some of the biggest names in UK music from Amy Winehouse and Kate Nash to Imogen Heap and Jessie J’s own classmate Adele.

    ELLEgirl got the chance to chat with Jessie J right after her performance at Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio Live show in New York City last night. Check out what the rising artist had to say about wanting to collab with Justin Bieber and exactly what Jay-Z song she was talking about.
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    Earth Day is just around the corner, and to be organic, sustainable, ecologically and socially conscious doesn’t mean you need to give up being fabulous. Just check out our Earth Day picks from brands that not only deliver a whole lot of good karma but beautiful results!    

    Photo: Courtesy of Burt's Bees. Burt’s Bees sulphate free shampoo and conditioner, $15    

    Photo: Courtesy of Origins. Origins organic face lotion, $16      
    Photo: Courtesy of Alternative Apparel
    Alternative Apparel organic cotton dress, $54      
    Photo: Courtesy of Beyond Skin. Beyond Skin vegan wedge, $247      
    Photo: Courtesy of Grace Designs. Grace Designs repurposed obi clutch, $38      
    Photo: Courtesy of Butter. Butter 3 free nail polish, $14
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    At the end of last month we gave you a sneak peek at “Photo Mood,” “Applause,” and “Art Class,” three ‘vignettes’ Karl Lagerfeld directed in honor of Magnum ice cream’s stateside debut. Last night in Chelsea, the fruits of Lagerfeld’s labor were finally premiered in full, alongside his star, Rachel Bilson, at the Tribeca Film Festival. There was no better way to celebrate the Magnum motto “for pleasure seekers” than with the man who consistently re-defines decadence. As Elletra Weidemann told us, “He’s just a jack of all trades, if anyone can do this with ice cream it’s Karl.” Crystal Renn agreed, “Anything he does is going to be a hit, even if it has nothing to do with fashion. Does he even eat ice cream?” Karl in fact, a man who once dieted by only consuming Diet Coke and horse meat, doesn’t eat ice cream. After posing for pictures with a Chanel Couture-clad Bilson the Kaiser told us, “My doctor tells me that I cannot have sugar so really, I hate ice cream because I can’t have it, but I love the vanilla flavor.” He also does love advertising, which is why he was so excited to be involved in this project in the first place. “I do a lot of advertising and I love it,” he says. “If I weren’t in fashion I would be in advertising. I don’t have an agency though, maybe I should create an agency, no?” Though these “artful vignettes” (Karl’s words, not ours) were a little on the cheesy side, they garnered loud applause and praise from a crowd that included film, fashion and branding connoisseurs. Maybe a Lagerfeld ad agency isn’t such a bad idea? After all, he’s pushed cars, soda, couture, safety and now ice cream—and everyone eats it all up!
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    Everyone’s talking about not washing your hair today—a ploy we’d never ever consider, even if we wore promised baby-soft hair. But after reading about it twice in one day we had to ask, would you ever really do this? Have you already started doing this? We mentioned it earlier in regard to Proenza Schouler’s CEO, Shirley Cook. Cook hasn’t washed her hair in six weeks and she looks great. (And we’re assuming, because she’s researching fragrances and works in high fashion and socializes, that she manages to smell great, too, despite yoga and 30 minute sprints.) Six weeks would put on her on the tail end of this process, outlined by Lauren O’Neal on the Hairpin. O’Neal basically answers the question we asked this morning, “How?” She says to stop shampooing and start using a mixture of household products instead. First baking soda and water to clean and then vinegar and water to condition, then a few weeks of nothing at all (except for water) and then eventually the baking soda mixture again about once a week or every ten days. O’Neal says it’ll be horribly greasy for about a week and then no one will notice, (she doesn’t actually say it’ll stop being greasy, just that no one will notice it’s greasy…), and that if you have bangs you should probably pin them back—or wear a hat, like she does. At the end, you’ll have shiny soft hair, save money on shampoo and help the environment—but you have to go through almost two months of grease to get there. Would you even consider it?
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    This is quite a rare sight, wouldn't you agree? Paparazzis don't often have to camp outside McDonalds to snap pictures of celebrities, but sometimes even celebrities can't stand not helping themselves to some carbs! Can you guess which female celebrity drove by McDonalds with a friend yesterday? Her name starts with a J, the very same letter that her most recent ex's name begins with!
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    We spotted the world's number one arist couple, Beyoncé & Jay-Z leaving their luxurious Parisian hotel Le Meurice earlier today and head out for lunch at the equally luxurious L'Avenue restaurant. They were surrounded by dozens of paparazzi and fans on their way to the car, all desperately trying to take their picture. While Jay-Z refused to as much as lift his eyes from the pavement, Beyoncé smiled and waved to both her fans and the paparazzi! And people say Beyoncé is the diva out of the two, pfft!