Are there other virtual Staff members on Stardoll besides Callie?

Yes, there is Vicky.Stardoll (celebrity news), Julian.Stardoll (music and media), and Isobel.Stardoll (our resident fashionista).

Furthermore we have Official Dolls for each language represented on Stardoll. They will have a purple 'Official Doll' badge just above their presentation. They tweet and post the newest Stardoll events on Facebook. You can see each of the Official Dolls here:

Raghda.Stardoll (Arabic)
Merle.Stardoll (Austrian)
Julia.Stardoll (Brazilian)
Elita.Stardoll (Bulgarian)
MuLan.Stardoll (Chinese)
Dora.Stardoll (Croatian)
Katka.Stardoll (Czech)
Nynne.Stardoll (Danish)
Daphne.Stardoll (Dutch)
Oona.Stardoll (Finnish)
Noemie.Stardoll (French)
Selina.Stardoll (German)
Danae.Stardoll (Greek)
Tara.Stardoll (Hindi)
Aoi.Stardoll (Japanese)
Cinta.Stardoll (Indonesian)
GiuGiu.Stardoll (Italian)
Yuna.Stardoll (Korean)
Mette.Stardoll (Norwegian)
Gosia.Stardoll (Polish)
Leonor.Stardoll (Portuguese)
Anca.Stardoll (Romanian)
Nastya.Stardoll (Russian)
Maite.Stardoll (Spanish)
Svea.Stardoll (Swedish)
Leon.Stardoll (Swiss)
Eda.Stardoll (Turkish)

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