• Callie.Stardoll

    Wow! Thank you for all your amazing questions and for being part of the Live Chat with Play.

    The Live Chat is now over ... time to play some Stardoll :)

    Callie.Stardoll58 months ago

    Hi, first I have to say: YOU ROCK! :D
    I'm also wondering how a normal day at work looks like? Is it fun? What do you do? Are you all working well togheter? :)
    Plzz answer, I'd be SO happy! :D

    //Josefin :]

    HELLO_K1TTY58 months ago
  • Hi! Thaaank you! We work a lot=) We preform a lot on weekends and on weekdays we usualy have interviews and dancpractise/song. We have been spending soo much time in the studio getting our album togeher and now it's finally done!This was our last answer THANK YOU SO MUCH for all being so sweet. SEE YOU SOON!Follow us on madeinsweden.se (our blog)

    Play58 months ago
  • ann*1990

    Hey Play! I'm Ania I'm from Poland. First time a saw you here and I check your singles on youtbe and I love it!!! You can be sure that i buy your CD. Are you planing visit in Poland?=D

    ann*199058 months ago
  • Hi! Thank you so much. I really hope that we will be comming to Poland anytime soon. We would all LOVE to!

    Play58 months ago
  • risca8

    Hi omg im talking you to, anyway What is it like having your own animated doll on stardoll?
    love olivia

    risca858 months ago
  • Hi! having a doll on stardoll feels awesome. We actually love fashion so this is so cool. It feels a bit wierd though having a doll that looks so much like us!

    Play58 months ago
  • Callie.Stardoll

    Hi guys ... we just have time for one more question ...

    Callie.Stardoll58 months ago
  • LadyMislly

    OMG, OMG! XD
    Hey Play!
    Who chose the band name?

    LadyMislly58 months ago
  • Hey! It was our manager Laila Bagge who chose it like ages ago. It stands for playing music and instruments. =)

    Play58 months ago