Spooky Suites WINNERS!

26 месяцев назад

Well, here we are with the results of my Spooky Suites competition! I was amazed by all the wonderfully haunting dolls I saw, and it was incredibly difficult to narrow it down to three top looks. I'd like to give a special mention to jothequeen, TheBlackestCat, and RubyJulysunday for their entries; great job!

And now, the top three spooky suites this Halloween!

3rd place: qvintan

This creative and dazzling non-Superstar says, "My favorite part of Halloween is the creativity all in costumes, in decoration, and even in music! It's lovely that there's a holiday, when people are allowed to be a little "weird". Even though we don't celebrate it here in Finland, I love just watching people get creative and have fun and be spooky, in a nice way. :)"

2nd place: Mystic_Darkness


I love this doll's suite's chilling atmosphere; check her out! "My favorite part of Halloween is the amount of creativity and effort people put into their costumes and decorations. It doesn't even have to be scary, it can be sci-fi, fantasy, historical. The options are endless. :)"

1st place: Ennui

Ennui has many amazing Halloween rooms in her suite, so make sure you take the haunting tour and see them all!

Congratulations to all these dolls, and thank you to all who took part! If you were mentioned in this post, I'll be sending you a gift very soon.

Til next time!

Kat ♥

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