Behind the Screen

27 месяцев назад

You don't know the person behind the screen.

You may think that you are having a lovely chat with a 12 year old named Anna, when in reality it's a 26 year old man named Rob.

You might find your online friend moody and rude, when in reality they are going through a very tough time.

You might be weary of someone by the way they type online, when in reality they are the weary ones (not you).

You might be judging the person behind the doll with the purple hair and lion eyes, and they could be judging you.

You don't know them, they don't know you.

The 12 year old named Anna might actually be a 12 year old named Anna, but how do you know for sure?

Someone might claim that they are having the best day of their life, but how do you know that it isn't the worst day they have ever experienced?

Lots of us have been through tough times. How would you feel if you were judged by a single action, or a single word?

We all do thing we regret, and sometimes we wish we could just go back in time to fix that one mistake.

We have to move on, and we have to try and make the most of our lives.

The internet is a wonderful, wonderful thing. But it can be dangerous, and in some cases, scary.

Be careful.

Do you make online friends?


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