Spring Faves

27 месяцев назад

While half of the world is in the middle of autumn, in New Zealand, it's spring! Here are some of my favourite things about this beautiful season...

Flowy Skirts
One of my personal favourite things about spring is breaking out my flowy skirts and dresses! After a long, cold winter, being able to take off my warm jeans and thick tights feels so refreshing. I just love the look of light, flowy fabrics... and I'm so excited to wear them from now until the new year! Maybe I'll even be able to save up and buy myself some fun new skirts and dresses. So many possibilities...

Delicious Fruit
Fruit is one of my favourite foods, and spring brings many of my favourites into season! I grow my favourite fruits (feijoas and guavas) in my garden, and I'm super excited to be able to harvest a decent amount daily. I'm also excited to find fresh watermelons, blueberries, and pineapples available to buy! Maybe I'll make a delicious fresh fruit salad to share with my friends and family- the easiest (and tastiest) dessert.

I am lucky enough to live in a country where it is always pretty easy to get to a beach, which means swimming outdoors in the spring and summer is always an option! I much prefer swimming at a nice beach than at a pool, so the spring signals that possibility to me every time it comes around. I'm excited to be able to break out the bikini and dive in... I'll wait for it to get a tiny bit warmer first though!

What's your favourite part of spring?

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