Waking Up in the Morning

48 месяцев назад

Most people hate the dreaded alarm clock ring in the morning, it's the time when I know I really have to get moving. After pressing my snooze button about ten times, I finally trudge up to the bathroom and get ready. However, maybe getting up in the morning is much more easier than this? Maybe these ways might help..

* Do an illusion - I like setting my alarm earlier in the morning and then pressing the snooze button until when my alarm would really go off. It's kind of giving me an illusion that I'm getting more, but really I'm not getting more.

* Go to sleep earlier - maybe instead of not being a morning person, you're simply sleep deprived? Go to sleep 30 minutes earlier, your brain will thank you.

* Wake up even if it's before your alarm - if you wake up five minutes before your alarm is meant to go off, wouldn't you sleep for that extra five minutes? Well, don't. You may fall asleep even more and you might even oversleep!

* Keep your windows open - you know when you go camping it's easier to wake up? It's because the natural light is gradually making you open your eyes! Keep your windows open and maybe that harsh light will be easier on the eyes.

I do hope these tips help you wake up easier in the morning! :)

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