Top 3 Accessories: Tingeling

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So this Top 3 post is a bit different as it's focusing on the accessories of the chosen store - Tingeling!

1. BW Snake Fanny Pack, 58SC's

Snake print is very trendy in the current season, and this piece is perfect for those not sure if they want to go for a full snake print outfit. It's simple so will work with most styles and it's monochromic colours mean that it will work with most other coloured outfits, and it's a bargain!

2. Blue Lagoon Heels, 5SD's

These heels are pretty simple, but I love their blue colour, it's bright but not too over the top. Their simple style leads to easy placement into outfits - I'd wear these with skinny jeans and a statement jacket!

3. Classic Taupe Handbag, 100SC's

This bag is slightly more expensive, but I think it's definitely worth the money! In real life this bag wouldn't look out of place slung over the arm of a celebrity! It has a basic colour scheme, so will fit into many outfits and styles, and it's shape is pretty unique from the other bags you can purchase in the StarPlaza. I'd wear it with some printed trousers and black heels.

That's all for now, Love K xxx

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