Talented medolls 4

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Hello today I will be showing you 3 stardolls of random talents. It will be two royalties and one non-superstar.

First royalty: JD-96

This is for her suite and for her amazing sense of style. Her suite is so simple yet so chic and you barely find that on stardoll since most people like to pack their suites with as much furniture as possible. I think she is an awesome inspiration!


Second royalty: Jodierox10

For her amazing designs. I think this girl puts incredible amounts of accuracy into her designs. Like the London 2012 logo. You can tell she has spirit for the olympics! I love her winky face design because you don't see many of them around stardoll.


The non-superstar: MosEisley

For her amazingly creative hair design. I think her hair design is amazing and I definitely don't see many of those floating round stardoll! I think she has been incredibly creative and she should be recognised for it!

That's all for now I hope you enjoyed talented medolls 4!

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