Keep Your Nails Beautiful!

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Hello everyone! My sister and I love to paint each others nails. It is fun to be creative and make up new designs for each other. Most of the time we just think about painting our nails in the newest designs, but keeping your nails healthy is important too. To get the best look on your nails, whether or not you have nail polish on, is to keep them clean and healthy. Your nails are made out of a protein called Keratin. Your nail protects the skin on your finger underneath. Healthy fingernails look smooth, a pink color throughout (no discoloration), and have no grooves or dents.Here are some ways to keep your fingernails clean, beautiful, and healthy:

Keep them clean.

Clean your nails regularly. Clean the surface of your nail. (Especially if nail polish is coming off.) Use rubbing alcohol to take dry nail polish off. Clean under your nails too. Cleaning underneath prevents bacteria from getting you sick, plus, who wants to see dirt, food, or who knows what in your nail?

Do not hurt your nails.

Biting your nails, tearing off hangnails, or picking your cuticle can damage your nail. Nail biting is a habit that lots of people have. When you bite your nails you are damaging the nail bed. If you bite your nails or pick your cuticles and accidentally cut yourself, bacteria can get inside the cut and cause an infection. Tearing off hangnails can also hurt your nails. Doing this can tear your tissue. Use nail clippers to take off hangnails or trim your nails. Ripping or tearing your nail will not help.

I hope this helped! If you follow these tips, you will be sure to have beautiful nails with or without nail polish!

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