Creativity On Stardoll!

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I love checking out suites on Stardoll, it's great to see the amazing creativity that different users show - whether they make a minimalistic mansion or a glamorous boudoir for their dolls to lounge in. I am also one who thinks that suites show an individuals personal style and often a suite complements the style and outfits worn by the doll - which is great.

One user who I have recently noted has a great creativity is a.d.a.1234:

This is her in one of her suite rooms, and as you can see she's incorporated her doll and her suite to portray one image, which looks great! I think it seems very ethereal, and the contrast works nicely.

Combining your suite and doll into one style or image has become popular fairly recently on Stardoll - and I love it as it's just one more way for users to show their amazing creativity on the canvas of Stardoll!

Do you have a fab way of showing your creativity? Tell me in comments and you might be featured next!

Love K xxx

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