Millionaire Mansion - take a look!

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Millionaire Mansion

This week, we introduced the Millionaire Mansion to our ever-growing Luxury Suite Collection! In this post, we'll take a peek at the Millionaire Mansions, as modeled by some of our Official Dolls.


Here we can see Eda.Stardoll outside the front entrance of her very own Millionaire Mansion! Already impressed? Check out the inside:


It's Svea.Stardoll's impressive decorating skills in the interior of her Millionaire Mansion. And look at this:


Leonor.Stardoll is getting ready for an evening pool party. A housewarming party, maybe?

And I have the Millionaire Mansion too! You can view it here.

You can purchase the Millionaire Mansion here, along with all the luxury decor items that unlock when you've made the purchase for the suite.

twinkle twinkle, y'all!
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