Fun Facts: Domestic Bengal Cats

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This photo is my mother's cat, Lucy. She's a domestic Bengal cat. I caught her just as she was meowing... she was on the Harley Davidson, which is a no-no because of her claws. Doesn't she look cute when she's caught red-pawed? :)

Anyway, the first time I saw Lucy I couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful she was. I looked up some facts on domestic Bengal cats and would like to share some with you today. If you're a cat lover, you'll love these cats.

- domestic bengal cats are a hybrid of the wild Asian leopard cat & domestic cat.
- as far as markings go, they may be leopard spotted, rosetted, or marbled.
- they are affectionate, intelligent, playful, inquisitive, outgoing and attentive.
- they get along quite well with other domestic cats & dogs.
- unlike regular domestics, bengal cats will continue to be very playful into their adulthood. my mother's cat, Lucy, is 14 years old and she still plays like she's a little kitten.
- the Asian leopard cat is a very accomplished swimmer, therefore, having some of those genes as a domestic Bengal cat, they love water!
- all cats meow, but domestic Bengal cats are very chatty. when you say 'hello' or ask them a questin, or just talk to them in general, they will always respond.

There's much more to these cats than these few facts. I hope you enjoyed the little info that I shared with you! Isn't Lucy beautiful?!

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