From Medoll To Stunner

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Hello dollies


Today I have decided to make over the stunning keerthy2001.  I am going to make her into an even more stylish doll than she already is, which I found very hard to do. I ahve taken before and after images, with a fashion summary.



Before she was made over, keerthy2001's purple hair was the statement of her medoll. Her outfits and rooms collabirated with that colour to create an outstanding profile. Her bright pink cheeks stand out but don't clash with the hair in any way. Her lips are pink to match the cheeks and make them look lighter and more stylish.

After the makeover, keerthy2001's hair was not as bold as before, but is a key part of the new look. Her eyes have a little mascara on but not too much for them to look overdone. Her cheeks are not full of pink, but they have a little makeup on, enough to stand out. whilst looking pretty.  Her lips are plain because the purple fits in with the look.

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