The Glam Cam Goes to Greece

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Renowned throughout the ages for classic elegant style, Greece is the home of GiotaRocker, a Grecian beauty who takes style to a new and exciting level.  Her traditional beauty is accented by a fluid fashion sense that keeps her style vibrant, new and unique. Avoiding cookie cutter fashions in favor of personalized pizzazz, she is an advocate for individualism in style and life.

Lizzy: How do you define your style?

GiotaRocker: I like different styles that change from day to day.  Stardoll lets you explore your own unique style.  That is the essence of the game.

Lizzy:  What style would describe your suite?

GiotaRocker:  It is warm and inviting, not cold.  I like to experiment with new styles frequently.

Lizzy: How would you describe Greek style?

GiotaRocker: Everyone’s style is unique, but beautiful, like Greece itself.  Everyone is beautiful, and style is just one way of expressing it.  Wear what makes you happy, not what others tell you is fashionable. Be beautiful inside and out.  That is what will really make you happy!

The Greek civilization has long been celebrated in art and literature.  GiotaRocker makes me want to celebrate its fashion sense too.  Cheers to our own Grecian goddess, GiotaRocker!


GiotaRocker shows us Grecian style in her suite.


Photos:  www.stardoll.com, giotaRocker

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