Abigail Breslin on ‘Janie Jones’, Her Band, and How She Comes Up With Song Titles

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Abigail Breslin has grown up from being the sassy surprise in Little Miss Sunshine to tackling her first teenage role in Janie Jones. Later this year, you can catch her in the high-concept, star-magnet film, New Year’s Eve—brought to you by the same filmmakers who made Valentine’s Day—where she may or may not steal her first on-screen kiss. ELLE Girl caught up with Breslin to talk about her upcoming roles, her style and her band, Cabb.

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ELLE Girl (EG): What attracted you to Janie Jones?

Abigail Breslin (AB): I really liked the script because I really liked how Janie was a different character than what I’ve played before. She’s very strong. I liked that even though she was going through a really hard time–and her circumstances were really difficult—she didn’t let those circumstances define who she was or change her, and I liked that a lot about her.

EG: What’s the difference between doing an independent film, like Janie Jones, and then doing a studio movie, like New Year’s Eve?

AB: The difference is time. On New Year’s Eve, I had more time and more takes while taping a scene. On Janie, we tried to tape in one or two takes.

EG: You’re now fifteen and you’ve pretty much grown up on screen. How does that shape your life?

AB: It hasn’t really. When I’m filming, I’m filming. When I go home, it’s just normal life. I hang out with my friends and my family. Filming doesn’t take up my whole time.

EG: Are you the only one in your circle of friends with a day job?

AB: Yeah, most of my friends don’t act or anything. You know, I live in New York. Most actors are out in Los Angeles. So, in New York, I don’t have many friends who are in the business.

EG: In both Little Miss Sunshine and Janie Jones, your characters have a stage parent. Growing up, did you have a stage parent?

AB: No, my brother [Spencer Breslin] starting acting before I did. He was discovered in a kid’s playground. I sort of just copied him in wanting to do it too. My parents have always been supportive of it, but they never encouraged me to start doing it.

EG: I heard you recently formed a band, Cabb, with your best friend. Are you writing your own lyrics like your character Janie?

AB: I write all the songs with my friend Cassidy and we both play [guitar] and sing. We actually come up with song titles from nail polish bottles, which could sounds strange. But, we go to OPI.com and we look up nail polishes and if they have a good title, we use the titles. There’s a nail polish with an amazing name and I really want to you use. I’ve been trying since February, literally, and I can’t get a song out!

EG: When can we hear your music?

AB: Our first song is actually coming out today, called ‘Well Wishes.’ That’s possibly a nail polish, but I don’t know.

EG: What is the biggest difference between performing in a recording studio and on a movie set?

AB: They’re totally different. When you’re in a recording studio, you can go in sweats, and there’s no camera, and you can just chill out. But in some ways, they’re similar. When you’re filming a movie, you’re telling a story over the course of two hours and when you’re recording a song you’re doing the same thing in three and a half minutes. It’s kind of different but kind of similar at the same time.

EG: What inspires your style?

AB: My style changes a lot. Every month, or every season, it changes. I guess my style right now is a little BoHo mixed with more rocker.

EG: Do you look back at your role in Little Miss Sunshine and wonder if that character might be responsible for Toddlers and Tiaras?

AB: Well, Maybe. That’s a really good question. I don’t really look at it like that. But that’s a fascinating show. Janie Jones opens in theaters today.




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