Runway Diaries: Parties & Lookbooks

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We are only two weeks away from fashion week, and things are definitely starting to get a little crazy. It’s especially crazy with the deadlines for production orders coming up in addition to getting everything in place for the show and the Spring ’12 samples. I have literally made the production office my home, and I just camped out there so I could run out and get things as they are needed. Luckily, they have Wi-Fi so I was able to keep up on emails and show info in between running around midtown. That night we had a going away party for one of our summer interns who’s heading back to school, which makes reality hit that the summer’s actually coming to an end. I really can’t believe how much it has flown by; when we started getting ready for the show at the beginning of June it seemed like we had all the time in the world, and now we are only two weeks away…ekkk!! That said, with all the work we still have to do for our show, we didn’t want all of Molly’s (our intern) hard work to go unnoticed and wanted to throw a small get together in her appreciation.

Photo: Courtesy of Althea

The relaxation didn’t end long as the next day Ashley and I had to get up super early for a photo shoot for some preview shots of the Spring ’12 collection that we can send to buyers. We have decided that we are going to use our runway shots as the lookbook this season, so we didn’t need to shoot the entire collection. We shot in a friend’s apartment with a beautiful graphic-looking lobby that we used for a backdrop. It actually used the apartment to prepare for the shoot, with hair and makeup on the kitchen table and then the bathroom shower rod as our rolling rack and set up my Rowenta steam station there!

Photo: Courtesy of Althea

We had the amazingly talented John Olavarria doing hair and makeup…we of course used our fave brand Sexy Hair to get the full luxe look that we wanted. We also had the talented Alex Valerio shooting. The model was a friend of Ashley’s who happened to only be in town that week as she is signed with Ford in Paris.

Photo: Courtesy of Althea

I am soo happy with how the shoot turned out and it makes me so excited to debut the entire collection!!

Photo: Courtesy of Althea

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