The Benefits Of Social Media

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Today’s social media can come with a lot of negatives, such as bullying, harassment, and unrealistic standards being promoted. Despite the various ways social networking can  be destructive, there are also several benefits to social media.

-It gives people careers and hobbies.

Many people have got jobs through the virtual world, which they otherwise wouldn’t have had. Social media can also help people to express their hobbies, passions and interests.


-There are now more ways to reach out for help.

People struggling with issues such as domestic abuse or mental illness may be afraid to speak up in real life, and can use social networking to find the help they need.


-The unhealthy standards promoted are also being challenged.

Models, bloggers and influencers often use websites such as YouTube and Instagram to spread information about movements such as body positivity that help people accept themselves.


-Making (and keeping!) friends has become a whole lot easier.

Myself, and many others have met some of their closest friends on networking platforms. Ever since the arrival of social media, it has also been much easier to keep in touch with those who you already know.


-It’s fun!

Apart from changing lives and mindsets for the better, the online world is an easy and enjoyable way to pass time.


What do you like about social media?

~Jaya x

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