Unwrap the Season...

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The best time of year has arrived to Stardoll, and so has the Holiday Calendar!

Written by AllDolledUp

This week in Stardoll news...

The Holiday Calendar is now available all throughout the month of December! Be sure to log in daily to grab the item you want, since it will only be available for a day.

As for releases, I am definitely looking forward to my holiday break offline, and for the awesome releases we enjoy every year during the holidays! 

So far, I've seen many user suggestions come to the StarPlaza, including my own. So if there is something you've be yearning to see in this game, go to the Contact Us section and send the Stardoll team a message. You never know what miracles are possible during the holidays! ;)

This December, StarPlaza kicked off with a Pals store Friday release. Ladypoetry and a few other users, asked for diverse pals, including a wheelchair. Meet "Ashley Wheelchair" pal:

Try this: For those of you whom still would like more diverse pals you can also try purchasing this pink chariot wheel chair from the Film Theory store and dress up your favorite pal in a sitting position. 


Tell me in the comments what you make of this lovely surprise, 
and what kind of pals you'd like to see in the future!

Written by AllDolledUp

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