MSW 2018 tiaras - 1st place

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Well, hello! So just recently (on the 7th of November), the winner of MSW was crowned with this gorgeous tiara! And I'm happy to say the winner is my best friend, felix.giro. He is the first Portuguese AND the first male winner!! What a victory! I'm so happy for him!

NOTE: Please avoid posting comments about wether he should have won or not. It's 2018; equality is for everyone.  Besides, we're here merely for the jewels. Thank you.

Anyway, so this tiara is called The Duchess of Angoulême tiara, precisely because it was owned by the Duchess of Angoulême, Marie Thérèse of France in the 19th century. And who is she, you ask? She was the only surviving child of the King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette, who were both executed in the French Revolution. As she was the only surviving female of the family, she was trusted to wear all the beautiful French jewels at royal engagements and events.

This magnificent emerald tiara was gift from her husband Louis Antoine, Duke of Angoulême, and was made in 1819 by Evrard and Frederic Bapst and was made specifically to use stones from the French crown jewels, including these massive emeralds.

Even though this tiara was designed for the Duchess, it was not her personal property; it was part of the crown jewels (because it had stones from the collection) intended to be worn only by queens, which she was, since she was the wife of the reigning king at the time. But he soon abdicated, so before departing for exile, she had to return it to the vault. It was kept as a crown jewel during the Napoleonic Era, and was regularly worn by Empress Eugénie, wife of Emperor Napoleon III, who was said to love emeralds (much like me!).

In 1887, the tiara was sold in an auction and ended up in Britain, at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Later it was sold to the Louvre and finally joined the other French jewels.

Now: the tiara! At first glance, we can see it features great quality emeralds sorrounded by rose cut diamonds and it forms several scroll leaf motifs, which was a trend of the era, and in between them, they have the emeralds in brilliant, oval and cushion shapes. Only the one stone under the biggest emerald on the center features a lozenge shape. This breathtaking piece is mounted in silver and has a curved diamond riviére base.

This one if probably the most beautiful tiara on Stardoll, in my opinion. What did you think? 

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