Cosplay Tips

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Hi Everyone!


Cosplay is a hobby where you dress up as your favorite character from pop culture. It's something I am very passionate about and glad I can share my tips with you.


1. Look for second-hand items. Thrift shopping and going to the StarBazzar is a cheap alternative and is the best way to find items you need.


2. Use a reference. Using a reference is key to getting a cosplay right and the internet is filled with photos to help you make sure every detail about your outfit is perfect.


3. Watch tutorials. On YouTube, there are many cosplaying tutorials out there waiting to be watched. These videos will help you get the makeup and outfit right.


4. Use light-weight props. When making your props, use light-weight materials such as pvc pipes and styrofoam.


5. Practice your poses. When at a convention, it’s really useful when you know your character's iconic pose. You could even use a strike-a-pose for Stardoll cosplays.


Hope this helped!



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