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Bonjour Dolls!

Today I have a very exciting post for you all! I was lucky enough to be asked by ecf97 to cover the story of FashionComp's 21st Modelling Cycle. Part of that was getting to interview the amazing and well deserved winner ChicTaylor1989.

This cycle consisted of eight tasks and at the beginning there were 30 hopeful sign ups and only 15-20 were chosen. Rachel was one of the lucky and talented ones. Each week, a new task is sent out and the dolls receive their scores from the previous task. The lowest scoring entry out of ten is eliminated. So after approximately eight hard weeks with the tasks gettong harder and harder, the winner was finally announced. Let's now hear from the amazing winner!

1. What inspired you to sign up for this cycle and/or have you ever competed in one before?
What inspired me to sign up for this cycle was that I wanted to give myself one more chance at winning, after competing in the cycles for a long time. Coming into the cycle as a veteran helped me because I had experience.

2. What would you say the hardest task was and how did you overcome that milestone in your running to win?

The hardest task for me was probably doing the celebrity makeover, in this case, Kim Kardashian. I had a hard time finding the right doll to style, because that doll had to have a large quota of wigs, makeup, etc. as well as that their closet was open. I finally found a doll, that I could style. I tried to incorporate different aspects of Kim's fashion sense, but it didn't really go the way I wanted. But I still managed to get through to the next round.

Read The Rest Of The Interview In Part 2!


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