Double Denim

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Hey, Dolls

Today's blog post is all about double (or in this case triple) denim's comeback. This trend originated in the late 80's and lead through the 90's - a couple of years ago double denim was frowned upon and was a fashion faux-pas however in today's magazine's Stars from Kim Kardashian to Gwen Stefani are not only wearing double denim but bringing it back in a stylish light.

For my outfit I used a mix of denim's from distressed denim to embellished denim this look is not only cohesive but also classy and definitely insta-worthy!

Outfit details:

Body: RI - midnight blue satin body

Bottoms: Saint Laurent - High waist skinny jeans (A great basic denim)

Jacket: Sub couture - Ripped denim swing coat (distressed denim is HOT)

Shoes: Sub couture - Baby blue sock boots

Bag: Tribute's Gallery - Gucci inspired denim backpack (embellished with pearls add glamour)


What do you think of my outfit and what do you think about double denim coming back?

Thanks for reading dolls!

love, Nat

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