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The 'Year of the Rooster' has officially come to close all over the globe. From getting published on the Starblog for the first time, and participating in contests; I look back fondly at how I decided to take a decisive approach to just do what I wanted until I got results.

I am looking at 2018 with optimism and encourage you all to embrace new opportunities and face your fears. New year, new dare! If there anything that interests you, just try it.

My Open Letter Ode to 2017

Dear 2017,

You sure were eventful

with opportunities (in both my real and virtual life) given plentiful

and looking back I feel grateful.

Yet, there is so much I still look forward too.

Human experiences vary,

Whether you feel defeated or merry.

Aim to see this new year as your comeback year.

Lest you forget New Year's, are much like New Days;

Always a new opportunity to try again. Hello 2018!

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