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Hello dolls! 

I'm GayandProud and I am a writer and artist. I enjoy writing about facts, life, opinions, and similar topics. I used to be a comic illustrator for my school's newspaper. I also have two cousins majoring in the Enligsh field, with one majoring as a author and the other in Journalism. 

As you can tell, I have been given the awesome opportunity to have my articles posted on the star blog. And I believe my articles won't disappoint anyone. 
The following is a list of examples (but certainly not limited to) of topics you might expect from me: 
-Topics about life (college, school, career, and beyond)
-This month in history (A series highlighting historic events that took place in said month)
-Advice columns
-Scary or fun facts
I am looking forward to write for all you lovely people! I hope you enjoy reading my work, and don't hesitate to drop in any suggestions you'd like to read from me on my guestbook. 


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