A fresh start.

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Hello mates!

Each and every new year's eve, I hear somebody saying that this new year will be a fresh start for them. A new beggining. We all seem to like the sound of that. But no! 
Having a new start needs work, maybe doing a small amount of activity like texting a friend with whom you haven't talked in years, or talking with your partner to cut off your, once beautiful, but now toxic, relationship.

You need to work for your life, and then live by your decisions. None of us can have a fresh start if we keep regretting our actions. Good or bad, they brought us in this path of life and matured us up. Leave the past in the past, worry about the future later, and focus on the time-being. On NOW.

You want to have a toned body? Get up and hit up the gym! No need to wait for a new year to work on a new you. Need to get a job? Get out of that bed and search for work annonucements. Work for what you want, not tomorrow, not next year. Start by this moment.

A new beggining is opening a new social media account, getting out of the house, opening a door, starting a blog. There are new starts everywhere, you just have to search!

xo, Lia.

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