Introverts and Extroverts (Part 1)

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The world can be divided into two sorts of people - introverts and extroverts. Have you heard those words before? They describe your personality, how you think, how you act, how you live.

To find out which type you are, ask yourself a few simple questions:


Do you get tired after being around other people for a long time?

Do you enjoy one-on-one conversations?

 Do you feel relaxed and happy when you spend time alone?

 Do you think before speaking or acting?

Do your friends describe you as reserved and thoughtful?

 Do you have a small group of close friends?


Do you enjoy group projects?

Is it easy for you make friends?

Do you get restless when you're alone for a long time?

 Do you speak and act impulsively?

 Do you enjoy hanging out with lots of friends?

Do your friends describe you as outgoing and sociable?




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