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Hi dollies!


Today's post is about another of my favourite trends: tartan.

It is a perfect look for the end of Summer and into Autumn and I love it.


Tartan is commonly associated with the traditional Scottish kilts however, it is widely available in many colours and designs.


Look 1:


This tartan dress was from an old Subcoture floor and I think the addition of jewels create a modern, bright vibe.


Look 2:

This tartan top makes me want Autumn to come fast! As you can see, the colours used make it really easy to style with high-waisted jeans. Both the top and jeans come from the Vinyl store.


Look 3:

This look is great for cooler Summer & Autumn days and it is super comfortable. The tartan shirt creates another depth to the outfit which would look very boring without it. This is super easy to recreate in real life.


Do you like tartan?


Starlight x

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