Fashion Furniture Faves!

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Did you dolls like the new Karl Lagerfeld inspired edition of Fashion Furniture? I loved it so much - here are my top picks!

Karl Studio Interior
I love books, and it looks like Karl Lagerfeld does too! This shelved interior is inspired by the Chanel creative director's Parisian apartment, where the walls are studded with thousands of beautifully stacked books. I always say that books are one decor accessory that really says something about the owner - books are the window to the soul! I hope that one day I can stock my home with creative and artistic design books too.

Sleek Lagerfeld Inspired Frames
While this item seems very simple, it still gets into my top three for this collection! A good pair of glasses is not only essential for those who have impaired eyesight, they can also provide a great opportunity for a fashion statement. While this pair are not wearable, they are provided at a great angle for decor - perfect to add to a desk for a realistic work space, or to a bedside table for that casual "just got home" look!

Karl and Choupette
This item combines two of my favourite things - Pals for my doll, and cats! This cat is one of my favourite famous cats too - Choupette. This pampered sweetie is Karl Lagerfeld's pride and joy, so it is no surprise that she was included in this inspired collection!

What were your Fashion Furniture favourites?

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