Tricky Translations

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I know that I have once before talked about the problems associated with having international friends, but today I am not talking about time zones. Today I am enlightening you all on the words your friends say, not when they say them!

The best tool for reading another language instantly is a translator! Unless you want to spend hours upon hours painstakingly learning a new language, I recommend using a translator! Who knows, maybe you might even learn a thing or two when translating. Beware, translators can sometimes be inaccurate due to different languages having different meanings to or not even having the words.

If in doubt, don't repeat it out! I have come across many instances of people just copy and pasting what I have said because they don't understand it. This doesn't help anyone, it would be better if you just replied in your language and let them do the work!

Last, but not least - country consideration! If you notice someone speaks another language to you and you want to post in their guestbook, then make the effort and translate it! I'm sure the person receiving the message would feel uber appreciated and may return a favor, that is if you didn't give them a 1/5 or rude message. That's cruel in any language!

How do you get around language barriers?

- Snerfy

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