Running For Scenery?

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Hi dolls. 

So I've had a really good week on Stardoll. I found out last Sunday I'd become National Covergirl for Great Britain (thank you to all who voted for me) and then on the Monday I won Best Scenery (again thank you to all who voted).

I didn't campaign to become NCG, I won that due to holding a 2SD sale (a tip in case you're also trying to become NCG). However once I logged onto Stardoll and saw this I immediately knew this was my shot to have a go at winning Best Scenery.

This is how I managed to win: 

Support from friends. This was crucial in my winning Best Scenery! I asked some of my friends on chat to go out with a message and help me in asking for votes off other members of Stardoll.

Stardoll communities. As many of you will know, there are blogs that many users visit on a daily basis to discuss all things Stardoll related. I let those dolls know that I was running and they voted for me.

Social media. Did you know that if you have a social media account you can post a link to your suite? I have a special account for my doll. With this many of us dolls follow each other and I asked for votes there too.

Broadcasting. Old faithful. If you're running for anything on Stardoll. Broadcasting is your best friend. One post and so many users will come to your suite at once. I definitely don't think I would have won without a few broadcasts. 

Well dolls, these are my tips for winning Best Scenery! What are yours? Have you ran for it before?

Hope you enjoy this post and good luck if you're running/campaigning for Best Scenery.

~ Casey, x

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