Gorgeous Bikinis!

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With summer approaching, you might want to move into a summery atmosphere (like the Beach Villa). In many summery atmospheres, we wear bikinis! Here are some of my favourite bikinis for this season!

#1 - Riviera Marine Bikini Top & Bottom

This comes in two pieces. The top costs 69SC and the bottom costs 59SC. It's affordable but very cute and trendy.

#2 - Natura Faces Bikini

It's a freebie which isn't available anymore, but I love the flowery pattern and its simplicity.

#3 - Basics Black Bra & Bonjour Bizou High-Waist Shorts

I love high-waisted bikini bottoms, but I haven't seen any high-waisted ones here. So, I decided to cheat and use these shorts. Paired with the black bra, it looks like a bikini and you can't tell on here.

What's your favourite bikini on here for summer?

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