Spring Skirts

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Another great staple in any season - skirts! I don't wear them out too much in real life, as I'm more of a trousers person, but here I love it! I've worn skirts quite a bit on my doll, so I wish I owned more skirts in real life. Here are some outfits I've made with some lovely skirts for spring:


Skirts don't always have to be fancy, they can be casual too!

Basics White Tank Top

Wild Candy Denim Skater Skirt

Callie's Picks Brown Leather Shoes

Callie's Picks Bangles


Classy and businesslike, perfect for work.

Nelly Notion Blazer

It Girls Short Sleeved Blouse

Basics Black Jersey Mini Skirt

Callie's Picks Black Jewel Bucked Purse

Velvet Orchid Short Stripe Tights

Velvet Orchid Grey Pleather Platforms


This outfit is for a night out with friends.

LE Open Weave Sweater

Wild Candy Couture Bandeau Top

Callie's Picks Multi Colour Studded Skirt

Callie's Picks Beaded Party Clutch

Callie's Picks Bisou Platforms

Do you like to wear skirts?

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