What Music Genre Are You?

il y a 77 mois

Hello, it's swimmingbabe19 with a quick quiz on music genres. Does your music taste reflect you? Respond in the comments with your results:

1. My typical fashion style is:

a. Laid back; I'm not into all this fashion hype, you'll find me in my band tee.

b. Flirty and fun; the trendiest fashions tailored to my taste.

c. Chill; snapbacks, skinny jeans, and colorful tanks.

2. My favorite artists at the moment are:

a. Lana Del Rey, Ellie Goulding, Marina and the Diamonds...

b. One Direction, Taylor Swift, Cher Lloyd

c. Drake, Frank Ocean, Kanye West

3. My ideal date would be:

a. tickets to our favorite artists' concert, then a walk in the park

b. fancy dinner, and then a movie

c. Beach picnic or group date

Mostly A's: You're into indie and alternative rock. You're a laid back person, and you can be shy and reserved, which is why Tumblr is your vice,

Mostly B's: You're pop all the way. A person very into the latest songs on the radio and the newest trends, you're upbeat and fun.

Mostly C's: Hip Hop, R&B, and Rap for you. You definitely like to be yourself, and you love to be around friends who share similar interests.


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