il y a 108 mois

Hey everyone, this is (finally) my 1st post of 2010. How was Christimas and New Years's eve? Mine was great, I could spend both with my family. Since it's the 1st article of the year I decided to make a list with the 5 goals I wish Stardoll reaches in 2010. And I wish you all do it to, so we can help Stardoll get better. You can send them to the e-mail I created stardoll.2010@hotmail.com and I'll select the most wished ones and send to Stardoll Staff. But remember, only 5 goals for each person and it's ok to put some goals same other person, than Stardoll will know we really want it!


1. Create a safe system of TRADE - Trades are one of the most famous ways of negociation in Stardoll but many people loose their rares when one of the traders is not trustable. Stardoll should create a system that would only allow the trade when both negociators have added their items and both agreed with each other's item.


2. Allow us to sell LIMITED EDITION clothes - We pay lots of stardollars for this amazing clothes but most of us regreted of some pieces, and some of us just want more. I think it's working pretty well with the second collection, why it wouldn't with the others? I wanna buy LE's first collection!

3. Allow people to sell STYLING STUDIO'S accessories - Like we can sell clothes we should be allowed to sell our accessories too. A lot of old Hot Buys were accessories and some people might never have the chance to buy them.


4. Create a SEARCH system in our SUITES - We have so many little items, like bracelets, and we always forget where they are, and for those who have a lot of clothes it's difficult to find some of them too. I wish Stardoll could put the Search System we use in StarPlaza, MiniShop and StarBazaar in our own suites.


5. Create DIVAS - I think we must have a collection of dolls representing the most important women of all the times. They're were icons for everyone who loves cinema and fashion. Women like Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly and please bring our Audrey Hepburn back!

That's it, I hope you all colaborate to help out favourite website. Anyway, I want to remind you that if you missed my old articles they're all avaible in sdmagazinebymarcela.blogspot.com


x Marcela