Alice in Nightmare Land

il y a 37 mois

Hi all, Alice here! 

This year, it was really hard to come up with just one theme for my halloween doll; so I combined everything that scared me!

Welcome to Alice in Nightmare Land:

My doll is dressed up as an evil spirit from the 1800s and is inspired by the woman in black. Also, I would hate to be haunted...

I have a genuine fear of big dogs - little ones don't scare me, it's just the big ones! So I created a werewolf outfit for one of my pals...

This pal symbolises me. I honestly have a fear of blood as I am sure most of you do. As the pal is wearing a bloody dress, I thought it captured that fear rather well.

Next is my fear of fire! I hate fire, I mean don't get me wrong, it is beautiful but if it comes close to me, I will run a mile...

// The tiger is there for effect - I love animals! //


Happy halloween!

- Alice