StarDesign Heroic Hair - SNTHA

StarDesign Heroic Hair - SNTHA
Create your own hairstyle fit for a Space Scout using StarDesign Hair in this new iteration of Stardoll's Next Top Hair Artist! 

We have heard your thoughts and realize that having our art team re-create the amazing work that the StarDesign artists do isn't necessary, so instead of releasing a Tress Up shop, we'll be promoting the winners in the StarBlog and encouraging everyone to visit their Suites and purchase their designs directly from the winners! 

The winning looks will be rewarded the Dream of Design Achievement, receive Stardollars and get a blog post dedicated to them with links to sell their Official SNTHA / Callie Con 2020 Hairstyles during week 2 of Callie Con! 
NOTE: Hiring others to create a style for your account to submit is against the rules and can lead to account closure for both parties. Any doll who is selected as a potential winner will be reviewed to ensure no cheating is taking place.

Everyone who enters wins a Poke Cap!