Interview-National Cover girl!

vor 76 Monaten

Today, after speaking to previous National Covergirl Hollyoaksrocks* I thought I would share my interview of her success back in July when she won this title for GB, heres what she said:

The first question I asked how did you feel when you first logged in and saw that your medoll had won National Covergirl?

She replied saying "Well to be honest, I almost was expecting to win as I had been running for it all day!"

Great, Its very encouraging for people to hear this from an honest member, its great that you achieved your goal. How long had you been on stardoll before you won National Covergirl, do you think this time to perfect your doll helped? 

Hollyoaksrocks* said "I've been on stardoll years and all I've ever won is one contest and NCG UK so although i'd like to win more things really, yeah it definitely helped,besides, I look way more mature than i did like 4/5 years ago haha!"

Yes, certainly, If you could give one piece of advise too other dolls on how to stand the best chance of winning covergirl what would you say?

She then said "I want to make it clear that you don't need thousands of stardollars to win, I only spent 200 sd on that day!, It's better to win from genuine likeness than money,although it does help"

Overall, how would you rate your doll in your honest opinion and do you think you worked your hardest to win that day?

"I'd rate myself a 10, because I'm comfortable about the way my doll looks, and yes I worked very hard that day. 

One last question, who do you want to see win covergirl in the future?

"I would like the people who strongly want to win covergirl, its just the best feeling ever when you win something you worked so hard for, its better that way" She said.

Thankyou Hollyoaksrocks" and who knows maybe you will become NCG once again?!