Design your Suite with a 'Designers Touch'

vor 112 Monaten

Designer Hannah*m*7 looks through Magazines and watches decorating shows on Television to get that Designer's look.


My Mom (Orange008) and I LOVE to design and decorate just about anything, but one of the FUNNEST things to decorate is our Suites rooms.  We took the following Beach cottage room picture and created a similar one in our suite.

Our replica is just one of the many rooms that we decorate by looking at real designed rooms.  We find it fun and challenging to get a room to look like the "Designer's real room".

Now, with the Interior Design shop on Stardoll, you can re-create almost any room's design by making the accessories such at pillows, curtains, pictures, carpets and even the sofa !

Happy Designing, whatever you design !

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