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Hey loves!

If you are a regular reader of the StarBlog, then you must know that I started a weekly series called Saturday Shoutouts a few weeks back. Unfortunately, I had to put it on hold due to my exams and engagements in real life. Now, it's time for the series to return and once again feature the most talented, and sometimes unknown, dolls on Stardoll.

I have decided that from now on, all SSO's will be theme based!

Read on to find the theme for SSO #3.

So, basically this whole 'theme' idea came into my mind from a comment made by dancemelon on my last SSO post. She asked me to dedicate a post to Non- Superstars and I have decided that this will be the theme for SSO #3!!

Yes, the theme for Saturday Shoutouts #3 is Talented and Unique Non-Superstars :D

If you are a Non-Superstar who has got a passion for suite designing or a flare for fashion then go ahead and tell me in the comments, in my GB or through message! If you know someone worthy to be featured, comment their username. This is your chance to shine, don't miss this opportunity! 


>You cannot apply if you have been a Royalty member before.
>If you have been a Superstar once or twice, you can apply, but ONLY if you are above level 35.

Go ahead and comment below!

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